ANDREW OPILA lives to tell stories where mountain sports, mother nature, environmental awareness and extraordinary human experiences collide -- often set in some of the most remote, challenging environments on Earth.  It's safe to say he is comfortable with the uncomfortable.

He began his creative journey doing "traditional" commercial and advertising work, filming and editing stories across a variety of industries.  Finding the desk much less fun than the trail, he became an international travel guide -- opening the door to photograph some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.  As an Eagle Scout, alpinist, skier, cyclist and avid outdoors person, Andrew chose this career because it's an excuse to be outside; exploring and sharing the most beautiful creation of all - our planet.  

Since then, Andrew's passion for photography has become his life's work.  He has filmed and photographed on 6 continents, inside glaciers, on floating pack ice with Emperor Penguins and the slopes of some of the world's most remote peaks. He is an award winning filmmaker and photographer and enjoys each step in the visual storytelling process from the conception of an idea, to the final details of a polished work of art.  

Currently, Andrew resides near Park City, UT as an expedition, commercial travel  and documentary photographer & filmmaker.  He is always looking to help fun people, tell authentic stories.  Especially stories about our planet that educate and inspire us to keep our wild spaces...wild.  Most importantly, Andrew hopes to use his time, treasure and talent to help leave our planet, and the people in it - better then he found it.  Please send me a message if you'd like to work together!

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